These Terms and Conditions (TeC) - not written under the new Orthographic Agreement - are intended to establish the contractual conditions for the sale of the website (website) https://tektek.pt/, domain owned by YARNWORLD INDUSTRY UNIPESSOAL, LDA, sole proprietorship with registered offices at Rua Dom Frei Gonçalo Pais nº 49, 4465-646, Leça do Balio, Porto, Portugal, registered in the National Register of Legal Persons with the number PT513507680 and registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Porto, with the same number. The company is represented here under the registered trademark Tek-Tek® - henceforth only Tek-Tek - which it owns entirely.


These conditions are agreed between Tek-Tek and any consumer who wishes to make a purchase at our online store athttps://tektek.pt/. Both parties agree that their business relationships and transactions will be governed exclusively by the Terms and Conditions described herein. Access and navigation in the Tek-Tek online store, as well as the purchase of products in it, presupposes acceptance and binding to the conditions contained in these TeC. All electronic messages sent during access to our online store, including e-mails and messages through an Internet browser, will be considered, for the purposes of the applicable law, as contractual declarations.


The TeCs described here materialize the online purchase and sale agreement, which will cease at the end of the purchase of the goods and all the services inherent to the purchase made.

These conditions are applicable in our domain and it may contain links to sites external to our website, as they have useful or interesting information or tools for the consumer; these TeCs are not applicable on third party sites, and consumers should be informed of their Privacy Policies in case they are redirected.


All information and audiovisual content on the website https://tektek.pt/gb/ are the property of YARNWORLD INDUSTRY UNIPESSOAL, LDA and are protected by copyright, so any reproduction, copy, use or disclosure thereof, by any means, it is subject to prior authorization.


Our online store fulfills all the security requirements required by law, and, in addition, it has COMODO certification and security seal. Tek-Tek is also one of the very few companies to comply with all requirements and to bear the “Confio” (https://www.confio.pt/) trust seal, awarded in partnership by ACEPI, AED, DNS.PT Association and DECO.

All data and information requested from consumers will be used only for billing purposes, order delivery and, occasionally, for the dissemination of our products and / or services, with all data encrypted and protected, in accordance with the Data Protection Law. Personal. For more information about our Privacy and Security Policy, see our Privacy Policy page.


The general conditions contained in these TeCs are governed by Portuguese law. Any dispute arising from these conditions will be submitted to the competent Portuguese courts.


The products and services of our online store are available to any entity, whether for final consumption or for resale purposes. The available languages are Portuguese, which is the default language, English and French. The currency units available are the euro (€ - EUR) - the standard currency unit and that which is actually used as the base currency in exchange rates - the pound sterling (£ - GBP) and the US dollar ($ - USD), with the The exchange rate between the standard currency and the rest is updated weekly. Navigation, as well as placing orders on our online store, is allowed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, except for possible interruptions due to external reasons or force majeure.


To place an order the consumer must register on our online store. In this way, the customer will become a registered consumer - hereinafter referred to as "customer" - and will be able to make purchases at our store. The order will be processed up to a maximum of 3 (three) working days, counting from the date of validation of payment of the same in our system. In the case of orders paid through a refund, the counting of this period starts immediately after receiving the order in the system. Before confirming the order, the customer must always read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.


To register at our online store, click on “Sign in”, in the upper right corner of the home page, and below “New customers” click on “Create an account”. Fill in correctly (and as completely as possible) all the fields requested - the fields with a red asterisk are mandatory - before completing the registration. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, place a check in the field reserved for that purpose. By law, it is not allowed to collect personal information from minors aged 13 or under. It is also advisable for minors aged 16 and under to use our website accompanied by a parent or guardian.

At the Tek-Tek online store it is possible to have a professional account that allows, among other things, access to special discounts for professionals (shopkeepers, resellers, professional artisans, etc.). To request a professional account, just register normally and, after receiving the registration confirmation email, send an email to INFO@TEKTEK.EU, requesting the change to the professional groups. For these groups of clients, it is mandatory to introduce the number of taxpayers, as well as to have a professional activity properly framed at the tax level. There is also a minimum purchase amount of € 50 (fifty euros) in products, VAT included.


The products, prices and stock indicated in our online store are only valid for purchases made online athttps://tektek.pt/, and may not coincide with other physical stores. Information about products, prices and stock may change at any time, without prior notice, and any changes will not have an effect on orders that are already in the processing stage.


Some products may undergo slight changes in terms of size and / or color due to blending. When describing products, Tek-Tek always takes into account their essential characteristics and attributes and, whenever possible, will accompany them with illustrative photographs, trying to be as faithful as possible to the real product. For logistical reasons, the weight of the articles presented on the respective pages already includes the extraordinary weight regarding packaging, calculated on average according to the dimensions and volumetric weight of each article.


All prices shown in the online store have the euro (€ - EUR) as standard currency and include VAT at the legal rate in force at the time of purchase. The costs of the shipping service are at the customer's expense and will add to the total value of the selected products. The customer will have information about the price of these services before finalizing the order.

Any change to the legal VAT rate may be reflected in the price of products and / or services. Some products may not have a specific price for resale, either for reasons related to the supply or because they are limited items.

If for any error - computer, technical, human, or of any other nature - the price is not what is shown on the product page, this will be detected and corrected when processing the order and the customer contacted. If the actual price is lower, the difference will be credited or returned; if the actual price is higher, the customer can choose to accept, modify or cancel the order.


The sale of products is limited to existing stock. The quantity of products in stock is automatically determined by the online store system and regularly checked by the personnel responsible for it, which, in these situations, may be subject to changes / corrections. Some items may not have guaranteed continuity, that is, they may not have stock again after the existing one.

If for any error - computer, technical, human or of any other nature - the stock of an item is less than what is presented in the online store, the customer will be contacted, in case this situation implies that he cannot receive all the items in the quantity selected. The customer can then choose to consider a replacement product, cancel the order or be refunded the total amount of products not shipped for the order in question.


To place your order, just click on "Buy" under the desired item and the product is automatically added to your virtual shopping cart. In case you want more than one unit, you can apply the previous procedure as many times as desired, or go directly to the page of that product and directly enter the desired quantity before clicking on "Buy". Apply the same procedure to other products you want to buy until your order is ready. When placing your order, you can, at any time, consult your virtual shopping cart, check the amount already selected in products and what the shipping costs for the cart you composed and / or use vouchers or discount vouchers that you have. You can also increase or decrease the quantity of an item in your virtual shopping cart by going to the “Shopping Cart” and editing the respective quantity (s), or even removing it from the cart by clicking on the symbol for the purpose at the bottom of the product line. Still on the cart page, you can obtain information and simulate shipping costs by filling in the respective fields and clicking on "Receive Budget". The result is displayed in a matter of seconds, according to the products you have added to your cart.


When you want to finalize your order, click on “Checkout” or “Checkout” on the cart page to access the checkout page. In the event that an order exceeds the maximum possible weight limit, the store will not allow you to successfully complete the order and the customer should contact our services in order to arrange an alternative way of shipping the order (the cart will not be lost In these cases). Once on the checkout page, check that all items and data are correct.

12.1) ADDRESS (S)

If you have already accessed your Tek-Tek account, the address used in the last order should be the address that is now displayed by default, both as a billing and delivery address. If you have not yet accessed or have not yet registered any address, you must fill in all fields, as completely and correctly as possible. If the delivery address is different from the billing address, remove the checkmark in “Send to this address” and click on the bar to choose the address you want or to enter a new one.


In this column, you must select the delivery method you prefer among the possible choices, enter discount coupons or add comments and observations that you think are relevant to the processing and / or delivery of your order. Transit times and transportation costs are shown here. Depending on the country of destination, there may be fees and / or taxes, namely customs duties, attributable to the buyer / customer and whose information is not up to the seller. The transit times shown are the sole responsibility of the respective carriers, so any delays that may occur after the shipment will be, at the outset, totally unrelated.

Tek-Tek works with subcontractors that are in charge of delivering orders, so any non-compliance and / or anomaly during the order delivery service must be reported on the waybill upon receipt of the order, without which it will not be possible open a claim with the carrier. For more information, see point 16 of these Terms and Conditions. The customer is responsible for the selected shipping method, and must ensure that the necessary conditions exist for the delivery of the same, in particular, ensuring the good reception of the shipment when the courier passes. In this context, Tek-Tek informs that the shipping cost includes only the collection, processing, transport and delivery of the same, and any changes requested before the delivery attempt, as well as any subsequent delivery attempt or return to origin due to impossibility delivery costs, will incur additional costs attributable to the customer, depending after the selected shipping method and the number and dimensions of each volume. In the event of an absence on delivery, the order may be held or forwarded to the nearest collection point.

Tek-Tek reserves the right to change the carrier selected by the customer if, in good faith, it finds that this does not fit or does not suit the interests of the customer or that such carrier does not have the best means for delivering a particular order, provided that this decision does not involve any additional cost to the customer, nor a significant reduction in transit time. For the purpose of delivering orders, the service that is contracted by the customer is a DAP (Delivered At Place) service, according to InCoTerms.


In the final column, the customer must select the payment method that best suits them from among those presented (of these 9, only 4 are available outside Portugal):

- PayPal: When choosing this payment method you will be redirected to the PayPal payment security page. This payment model is subject to a payment surcharge (check on the checkout page). Payment confirmation is automatic;

- HiPay: When choosing this payment method you will be redirected to the HiPay payment security page. This payment model is subject to a payment surcharge (check on the checkout page). Payment confirmation is automatic;

- Bank transfer: When choosing this payment method you will be provided with the data to perform the transfer. Payment confirmation is not immediate. To expedite the procedure, if possible, the customer should write the order reference in the notes / details of the transfer and send the receipt to INFO@TEKTEK.EU;

- Bank card: You can use your debit or credit card, as long as it is from one of the authorized networks in our online store (VISA, Maestro or MasterCard). Payment confirmation is automatic;

- Multibanco (only for Portugal): When choosing this payment method you will first have to complete and confirm your order before receiving the data to proceed with the payment by ATM or homebanking. This payment model is subject to a payment surcharge (check on the checkout page). Payment confirmation is automatic;

- MB WAY (only for Portugal): When choosing this payment method, you will first have to complete and confirm your order before receiving the data to proceed with the payment by MB WAY. This payment model is subject to a payment surcharge (check on the checkout page). Payment confirmation is automatic;

- PayShop (only for Portugal): When choosing this payment method you will first have to complete and confirm your order before receiving the data to proceed with payment at a PayShop or CTT store. This payment model is subject to a payment surcharge (check on the checkout page). Payment confirmation is automatic;

- Cash on delivery (only for mainland Portugal): When choosing this payment method, you will be charged a fee, the amount of which is indicated. For expeditions to the Autonomous Regions of Madeira or the Azores, the customer should send an email to INFO@TEKTEK.EU to inquire about the costs of this service;

- Pay at the store: This payment model is only valid for orders whose selected shipping method is “Collect at Tek-Tek (Leça do Balio)”, that is, whose collection is to be made directly at our premises in Leça do Balio, Matosinhos.

After selecting the desired payment method, click on “PLACE ORDER AND PAY” to complete the order and proceed with the payment (except in cash). As soon as the order is correctly received in our system, the customer receives a confirmation email and, from that moment, has a period of 10 (ten) working days to make the payment (if not already done) , period after which it can be canceled.


Tek-Tek may apply discounts on its products and / or services, either to consumers in general, or only to a specific customer or group (s) of customers. These discounts may be longer or shorter and may have requirements that affect their validity / applicability. The enjoyment of any campaigns or promotions can be in the form of direct discounts, Loyalty Points, gift cards or discount coupons (the latter two that must be entered on the checkout page, in the field reserved for the purpose). All campaigns in force in the online store at https://tektek.pt/gb/ have their Offer Conditions, which customers can access through the link with the same name (at the bottom of the page) and which regulate the current campaigns.


All of our products are covered by the warranty required and applicable by law. Unless expressly stated otherwise, there is no contractual extension of the product warranty.


In accordance with Decree-Law 24/2014 of 14 February - transposition into Portuguese law of Directive no. 2011/83 / EU of the European Union - any consumer has the right to terminate the contract freely and without any justification; Tek-Tek makes available to its customers the Free Resolution Form Template, as set out in annex B of the aforementioned Decree-Law, in the confirmation email of each order.


If the client wishes to terminate the contract, the client must send the duly completed Free Resolution Form to Tek-Tek or another unambiguous declaration of intention to terminate the contract, either by electronic means to INFO@TEKTEK.EU, by fax to, by registered letter to YARNWORLD INDUSTRY UNIPESSOAL, LDA, Rua Dom Frei Gonçalo Pais nº 49, 4465-646, Leça do Balio, Porto, Portugal, or through any other durable support capable of configuring proof (the customer being responsible for it), up to a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the customer, or a third party appointed by you, other than the carrier, acquired physical possession of the goods. For this free resolution period to be respected, it is enough that the communication regarding the exercise of the right of free resolution is received by us before the end of the resolution period, after which the return may not be accepted. Tek-Tek will acknowledge receipt of the request for termination of the contract within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) business hours. From the date of communication of the termination of the contract, the customer has up to a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days to send all the items he intends to return to Tek-Tek facilities.

15.2) EFFECTS:

The customer can exercise his right of free resolution in whole or in part and is responsible for the return costs, namely shipping costs. Complaint situations are not directly covered by this responsibility and are dealt with in accordance with point 16 of these Terms and Conditions. Tek-Tek will reimburse the customer for the payments made, including the costs of delivery of the order (with the exception of additional costs resulting from his choice of a shipping and / or payment method other than the least expensive one offered by us), within a period maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the decision to terminate the contract by the client. Tek-Tek reserves the right to withhold refund until receipt and compliance check of all returned goods.

In the case of a partial return of the order, the customer will be refunded the value of the items actually returned and the delivery costs, in the amount by which the items in question inflated the cost of shipping. This refund will be made by the same payment method used initially by the customer; to reimburse the customer in cases where the customer has chosen to pay by cash, ATM, MB WAY or PayShop, Tek-Tek will use the following means, in the order of preference: bank transfer, PayPal. Tek-Tek may request sending proof of account ownership in these situations. In cases where payment was made directly at our premises, the refund can be made in cash, only in the presence of the customer and never of a third party. We may also contact the customer with a view to refunding the amount through a discount voucher to be used inhttps://tektek.pt/. In addition to that mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, the customer does not incur any additional costs as a result of such refund.


As mentioned in the previous point, Tek-Tek reserves the right to withhold the refund until it verifies the state of use in which the goods are returned, as it is a vital condition for the return to be accepted and the respective process processed. reimbursement. According to paragraph 2 of article 14 of the Decree-Law mentioned in this point, any item that is abusively used and / or handled by the customer will be considered as non-compliant, with particular attention to articles that have their own packaging / packaging, which must also be returned in perfect condition and use.


Whenever the customer receives damaged or defective merchandise, it can be exchanged or replaced. The customer must submit a complaint to INFO@TEKTEK.EU whose receipt we will acknowledge within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) business hours, by the same way. After the situation is verified and proven, the return of these articles must be made to YARNWORLD INDUSTRY UNIPESSOAL, LDA, Rua Dom Frei Gonçalo Pais nº 49, 4465-646, Leça do Balio, Porto, Portugal, up to a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the customer acknowledges the said non-conformity.

Tek-Tek will contact the customer in order to indicate the means of return; Tek-Tek may offer to collect the goods or indicate to the customer which means to use to return them, the customer not being responsible for the cost of shipping. In case the customer does not respect the deadline for returning the articles - as written in paragraph 1 of article 13 of the Decree-Law referred to in point 15 of these TeC - the return may not be accepted and the shipping costs inherent in the return be supported by the customer. Tek-Tek reserves the right to refuse to exchange or replace products, if they show signs of having been abused and / or improperly used or for any other reason whose responsibility can be attributed to the customer. To resolve possible conflicts in relation to orders, Tek-Tek will use the visualization of the video surveillance system files, a system that is in compliance with the law and duly authorized (Authorization No. 8295/2013 of the National Commission for the Protection of Dice).

Any other complaint, of any kind, must also be submitted to INFO@TEKTEK.EU and its reception will be acknowledged within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) business hours. Tek-Tek also has a Complaints Book on its premises, which can be used in person, and also an Electronic Complaints Book, which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of the home page.

IMPORTANT: Customers must report in writing in the transport guides, upon receipt of orders, the situations in which they verify the existence of (possible) damage, negligence, mishandling, mistreatment and / or carelessness in order to to safeguard themselves in eventual complaints. Tek-Tek cannot be held responsible for anomalies found in the delivery service, however, it will make available to the customer all the means and make every effort to advise and support its customers in these same complaint processes.


The Customer Loyalty Program of our online store consists of obtaining points for the purchases made online at https://tektek.pt/gb/ and is available to all customers. These points can be consulted in the customer account, in the section “My Loyalty Points”.


Adherence to the program is made automatically by registering at our online store and accepting these TeCs. This membership lasts for 12 (twelve) months, during which it is automatically renewed, for the same period of time, for each purchase made in our online store (see also our Privacy Policy). The customer can choose to waive this program - losing the right to use the accumulated points - having to do so in writing via email to INFO@TEKTEK.EU or by letter to YARNWORLD INDUSTRY UNIPESSOAL, LDA, Rua Dom Frei Gonçalo Pais nº 49, 4465-646, Leça do Balio, Porto, Portugal, unequivocally requesting the desire not to take advantage of the Customer Loyalty Program. The reply and respective confirmation of waiver will be given within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) business hours.


Each € 1.00 (one euro) net of purchases in our online store is equivalent to 1 Loyalty Point, which is credited to the customer's account once the respective order is given as «Dispatched» by the online store system. Each Loyalty Point has a gross value of € 0.05 (five euro cents) and, once it is credited to the customer's account, it can be used in any purchase made at the Tek-Tek online store. To do this, just select how many points you want to use on the checkout page. The validity of Loyalty Points is 6 (six) months, after which they can no longer be used and are lost, with no chance of being repaid. Some campaigns or promotions may not be cumulative with the benefits of this program, so in the case of the application of another campaign or promotion, the customer should always consult the Offer Conditions of the same to find out.


Tek-Tek reserves the right to make changes to this program, and for this purpose it must inform its customers of them, through means that it deems appropriate and accessible, with a minimum time of 14 (fourteen) days in advance - during which the rules in force at the date of the notice will apply - for changes that may translate into actual differences in value. The operation of this program is the sole responsibility of Tek-Tek, which, failing that, is solely responsible for regulating or resolving any issue or dispute.


Tek-Tek provides support and help to all consumers and customers of its online store through the telephone line, 00351 221 128 304, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (UTC + 0), via email to INFO @ TEKTEK.EU or via online chat, which can be used whenever an operator is available. In cases where no operator is available, this chat will be active and the message left by the customer will be answered later, so the customer must always leave a contact email. This chat has no fixed schedule and works in real time.

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