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Lilac Fabric Yarn
Trapilho Lilás- Tek-Tek Yarn

Lilac Fabric Yarn

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Tek-Tek Fabric is a yarn derived from the surplus of Haute Couture clothing, with fashionable patterns and great for working in crochet, knitting, macramé or in the loom. The yarn is selected from amongst large batches and only the best ones may give rise to the Tek-Tek Fabric yarn. Unlike all other yarns, Tek-Tek Fabric yarn is not produced artificially nor for the final purpose of being used for handicraft, it is rather the result of the re-use of a raw material that would otherwise be used for other purposes, potentially harmful to the environment. Also for this reason, it is perfectly natural that it is not a 100% regular yarn and that it may contain occasional flaws or imperfections. On the other hand, the final works are mostly unique. Useful pieces or decoration items are the best achievements of this yarn, from carpets, rugs or curtains to bases or table sets, baskets, poufs or handbags, all it takes is imagination and creativity. The dimensions of a small roll/ball of Tek-Tek Fabric yarn are approximately 10x14cm (4x5.5 inches) and each one contains, on average, 70m (75 yards) of yarn. Its weight may vary depending on the type of fabric and the thickness of the yarn. The amount of yarn contained in a small roll of Tek-Tek Trapilho makes it rather easy to make a rectangular item with approximately 35x35cm (13.5x13.5 inches), in single crochet stitch.