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Tek-Tek Barbante Blue & Black
Tek-Tek Barbante Preto e Azul- Tek-Tek Yarn

Tek-Tek Barbante Blue & Black

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Soft and flexible yarn with a thickness of just a few millimeters, produced with braided and coiled cotton fibers. Extremely easy to work with, ideal for those who want to learn crochet or knitting as well as for more complex patterns.> Each bobbin weighs, on average, 300 grams / 0,65 pounds;> It contains about 250 metres / 270 yards of yarn;> The thickness of the yarn is 2 millimetres / 0,08 inches;> Number of cables: 18> Ideally, this yarn is laboured with hooks between 3 and 6,5 millimetres;LIMITED EDITION!
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